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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NJT learned nothing from its abortive purchase of Millennium transit buses a number of years ago (remember those?) After delivering a paltry number of coaches, Millennium went belly-up and NJT instead turned to the more stable NABI for its new transit fleet. I believe all those buses have now been delivered.

So flash forward a few years and NJT again is in the market for cruisers. Their MCI fleet is aging and the first target is the natural gas buses garaged at Howell. So, let's see.... hey, let's try this Design Line company, they have absolutely no track record in the United States... we'll give them a big order and see what they can do!

From their U.S. plant in Charlotte, NC, Design Line delivered exactly 15 buses - 7201-7215 - to NJT before going bankrupt last fall, and those 15 buses aren't running revenue service as far as I can see. NJT has now ordered about 85 new CNG cruiser buses from MCI, which should more than replace the 77 or so MCI 102D3's at Howell, in terms of both number of buses and passenger capacity (the new buses are 45 foot models). Delivery should begin in the summer. Meantime passengers can still enjoy the 7000 series buses for another few months. You can't say NJT doesn't get the most out of their buses. Witness those Flxibles that NJT kept online for almost 20 years! I think they still have some on their roster!

We are presently unable to update our static (non-blog) pages at this time due to computer software issues but soon we should have an updated roster. Bear with us.

Monday, October 24, 2011


New MCI Spotted

NJT adds on to its fleet of MCI D-series coaches for private carrier use. 8952, a 2012 MCI D4505, was spotted in Academy Lines livery over the weekend. It is not yet known how many coaches are in what is perhaps the last order from MCI before the new Designline coaches arrive.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Bus Service Mostly Restored

As of this morning, NJ Transit is now operating a full weekday schedule on many of its bus lines. All three light rail lines (Newark Subway, Hudson-Bergen and River LINE) are back in weekday service as well. There are service advisories on a couple of routes near the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne as there is still major flooding on Route 23, as well as many unannounced or unpublicized detours due to flooding, road closures, or power outages that are still bedeviling us after Irene's departure on Sunday.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Irene Shuts Down Buses

The entire NJ Transit bus and light rail system were shut down at 6:00 p.m. in preparation for Hurricane Irene, which blew through the state Sunday morning, leaving coastal and river basin flooding and downed trees in its wake. NJT's heavy rail was shut down earlier on Saturday.

The agency's goal is to have weekend-level service running by tomorrow, but a lot of that is dependent on getting buses through flood zones and places where fallen trees have blocked roadways.


Monday, July 11, 2011


New Buses Coming from NABI, Designline

NJ Transit will be replacing its 30-foot Nova Bus models with a new fleet of low-floor, 30-foot transit buses from NABI. The agency has also entered into an agreement with Designline, a company with roots in New Zealand but a plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a new fleet of CNG-fueled cruiser buses to replace the MCI CNG buses based at Howell Garage. The 30-foot NABI's will be online by the end of 2012; no word on the Designline buses just yet.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



The PABCO era in Morris County is over. NJ Transit has announced that the county's transit agency will be taken over by the newly-named NJT Morris beginning on Monday, June 6.

The six routes affected are 871, 872, 873, 874, 875, and 880. These six routes were created in October 2010 after a restructuring and renaming of the four existing MCM series routes.

PABCO had been running thirteen 30-foot Nova Bus RTS on the six routes; it's not known how many, if any, of the buses are salvageable. NJT is set to order 35-foot NABI transits to replace some of the 30-foot Novas. Reportedly NJT is also considering moving some 1994 Flxibles (in remarkably good shape for their age) over from Big Tree Garage.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011


Bergen Avenue IBOA

For the record, the Bergen Avenue IBOA ceased operations on March 12, 2011. The A&C Bus Company will now be running the route. As a stop gap, Montgomery and Westside received some mothballed Flxibles in the 1900 series to replace the Nova Buses that were pulled off the road.

Bergen Avenue's buses were Novas 1240-1244, 1523-1528, and 1530. None were deemed repairable by the NJDMV so they have been junked.

The IBOA (Independent Bus Owners Association) model is slowly disappearing into history. Montgomery and Westside is perhaps the only one left, out of a long line that as late as the 1990's included Lafayette and Greenville, Broadway, Central Ave. and some of the Newark independents which have since merged into Coach USA's transit operations.

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